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People Are Hungry For Spirituality: To Connect To Their Soul

People are hungry for newness, for the fare reaching, the eternal reach to the unknown. I am a past life regression therapist and have been reaching into the unknown for as long as I can remember.
I wonder what life would look like here on earth if everyone was given free choice , wihtout a system in place to rule everyones perception to their liking, our ancient ways are dying and we are at the precitptus of a new revolution, evoltuion. It has been said off thousands of years that when the old ones die a new way would return to this planet, that time has now returned.
During a past life regression an individual is able to access the depths of one souls memories. It does not have to be fantastical, or extravagant, one of the most intriguing insights into the human being was that of an old man who lived for his family only and at an old gar was silently siting in his rocking chair and died with a smile on his lips and h is heart full.
when  I see people or do a distant session, it always floors me when someone is given insightful information that has the potential to alter their life, that is the reason they sought me out in the first place, for transformation, for change, and don’t do anything with the work. They are expecting more, more of what I don’t know, but domethingndifferent than what they received from Source needs a tune up? Why is it that people are not happy with what they get in life? Is it because hollywood has created such a false identity that it is impossible to compete with? Or that the truth is so simple, that is seems complicated in it’s simplicity?
this is what happens with me when I begin session, I get tuned into the souls essence and it begins to speak to me in volmnes sending information of everything that it wants the body, mind and ego to get. I sometimes have to let the incoming soul to slow down or to wait patiently, this let’s me know that the person who sits before me or on the phone does not pay attention to their spiritual Self, they do not listen and act upon the information they are given and then repeatedly wonder why they are still in the same space or place they were last year? Change is inevitable, it is a constant din nature and in our universes.
Deborah has a

Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Since the age of six I have been exploring, surrounded and deeply engaged in past life exploration. Many people desperately seek solutions to their insatiable quest for knowing why certain traumas have happened in their life, why they are in toxic relationships or why they have financial difficulties, these pressing questions and hundreds more get answered in a past life regression when done by a professionally trained regression therapist.

Your subconscious has a higher order of regulating harmonic frequencies which do not live in time or space, they are spatial, meaning they can be retrieved when desired or commanded to. This is what happens while facilitating, the Soul understands what must be healed so it opens itself up to the experience which brings you to a place of deep acceptance and healing, if you allow it to be. Many people have the insatiable need to be right or controlling, which never amounts to anything, let alone a healing. These tendencies can me managed and worked with, understanding the full scope and range of why we do certain things, brings freedom from the entrapment.

You have three level to consciousness your unconscious, conscious and subconscious. Just like the brain follows three precise frequencies, alpha, theta, beta level which is your waking mind, your sleeping mind and your dreaming mind. Most people live in the unconscious and theta levels.

While in a regressed state or trance state, the monad is revealing the alpha, subconscious mind, accessing this part of the brain, the amygdala, creates an  inversion of perception that the soul reveals to the individuals ego. While in this deeper state of consciousness, the Soul speaks it’s truth and reveals ancient knowledge that is stored in your cellular memory.

Why Receive A Past Life Regression?

People from all walks of life come to see me from all over the world and from many different religions, even the religions that say there is no afterlife or no such thing as reincarnation. everyone have the same qualities, we are all spirits housed in the physical, with a soul memory, not many are omitted from the wheel of karma.

Many people feel a longing and question their life, their jobs or career choices, their friendships and family members, their inability to feel one hundred percent ok here on Earth with all it’s challenges. A large percentage of people are suffering from depression or a loss fro their spiritual connection and wonder why and how it left. There are  some people who just have never felt ‘right’ being here on Earth, when I look deeper there is always sign of abandonment or abuse of some sort at an early age, usually before seven.

I have discovered a plethora of ailments that happen in the human psyche which blast out and stunt the emotional body’s growth:   endometriosis, weight gain, bipolar disorder, depression, OCD, and many other diseases can be quantified and healed through regression by revealing the core issue that is repeating itself. Usually what one is suffering from in this life is a repeated pattern that has yet to be resolved from other lifetimes, usually with the same players.  It’s always life changing when you realize that your children are your guardian angels or that your lover was your  son lifetimes ago, this revelation can instantly change an misperceived relationship to one of wholeness and understanding.

There are unlimited realities interlaced within this one moment, yet most people are burdend by the emotional blockages which keep them stuck, Past Life Regression releases these blockages, makes you aware of why and how they became blocked in the first place and releases the past so you may accept who you are, now.

Benefits Of Receiving A Past Life Regression Therapy Session

Regression Therapy has been the most beneficial in healing core issues that have carried over from other unresolved traumas from other lifetimes. There has been extensive research and case studies by Professionals in the field such as Dr. Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton, to name a few. Here are a few benefits outlined for you:

*Heal Past Issues Still Affecting You In This Life

*Clear Genetic Imprints From Your Linage Which Are Unresolved & Afflicting Your Health

*Heal Mental Confusion & Disturbances

*Clear & Heal Emotional Abuse

*Receive Clarity & Gifts From Your Previous Lives

*Communicate Directly With Your Guides

*Speak To Loved Ones Who Have Passed Over *Meet Past Lovers & Friends, What Are Your Present Day Contracts?*Find Out Your Purpose, Get Direction For Relationships, Finances, Lifestyle Enhancement

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Deborah Skye has done extensive studies into the Cellular Memory of our Ancestors, Genetic Memory and Parallel Realities, she will be posting her findings on this blog under: studies.

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