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Healing Depression With StarPower*

I’m putting a small special on for you, I do this every August…and for some reason it happens every August like clockwork! I get this feeling deep inside of me to give back to my global community and give services away or donate 20% or higher to something I am
passionate about. One thing I always do is mentor one to two people a year for free. In exchange they share their story of transformation with you, so they can give back also.
So meet Tiffany, for 24 years Tiffany has been suffering from depression and high anxiety, some days paranoia that keeps her a prisoner in her own home and mind.  Tiffany, not her real name,  contacted me to help her through years of turbulence and a spiraling of depression that is getting stronger after 24 years. She is 41 years young and realizes  it’s time to complete the cycle but just does not know how to do it alone, she was guided to called me and ask me to assist her even though she has no money. Money is only a form of exchange in which we honor and respect our own worth to the world and it’s values we provide for the material goods we desire. For Tiffany, she cannot muster up the courage to get or hold a job as her fears are too overwhelming to interact with people or walk through the front door without worrying taking over.
For over a decade I have shared my gifts of healing and intuitive abilities to alleviating the suffering that women and men experience when living with depression, bi-polar, anxiety and many other ailments. Tiffany and I  are chronicling her experiences so others can read about her triumphs and hardships. We have set up a blog for her to use for a journal and diary of her daily experiences and when we do our weekly sessions, chronicle them.  One thing I always ask the person who is receiving the mentoring is to be able to share their story as they heal and go through the Coaching, Past Life Regression Therapy Sessions or Cellular Healing, so others may glimpse into the process and see the transformations take place, this way every one learns, benefits and grows in their own unique way.
Many of you know that I have been doing a lot of training these last six months with incredible and magical ladies from down in sunny California. I’ve been stretching myself staying up late, writing and putting together my memoire, manifesto and my second book, Soul Immersion, traveling and doing powerful Ceremony with the Maya Ancestors. I’ve been going through a huge transformation myself on a deep Spiritual level and opening myself up to a whole new expression, it’s the writing that’s doing this to me. Cracking open new layers of who I am at my core.
My mornings begin at 3:00am usually and end late into the night, it’s a blessing really, as I know I have this window of opportunity to do this with the planets aligned as they are right now and for only a short time. I’m being disciplined, focused and committed like I did when I was preparing for an Initiation that I did in Uluru in Australia years ago, it’s that focused.  When I get off track all I do is think of you and all the amazing women out in the world who are praying and waiting for me to publish this book and get my manifesto out to them, it only urges me on to write more until I cannot see the computer screne, like right now:) In the book, there are major clues as to why depression and anxiety are an all time high right and revealing particular movements and mudras (hand positions) that can heal and alleviate depression.
Each August I do a big discount on one of my Sessions, this year is a brand new method that was created by me in the last six months as I have been studying and training like a monk these amazing techniques, that one day I hope to teach to the public. I have been offering this to female entrepreneurs and only a select few clients in the last months.  You have never heard of this type of Session before…it’s a powerful and extremely effective 2.5 hour StarPower* Coaching that can be done in person or over the phone or Skype.
As you know I got to hang out with John Assaraf of “The Secret” Movie fame and shot a quick video with him in June, I’ll be releasing that video to you soon enough, at the end of August or early September, it’s a HUGE surprise that the video is packaged around. Hint hint!
The emails that I have been receiving lately are truly calling me to get into full action one whole month earlier than I have planned, but the tone and urgency in many of your voices  speaks to me and let’s me know that I have to step outside my own comfort zone (from my writing) and provide you with what is most helpful at this time, and StarPower* is an amazing process that will shed years of  self help and put you in the drivers seat of you life, emotionally, energetically, mentally and of course, Spiritualy.
I look forward to speaking with you!
P.S. If you are moved and inspired by the following page, I invite you to purchase one or more sessions, one for yourself and one for someone you care deeply about. Being stuck is not fun, there are lessons to learn while being stuck, but you also have choice to move from that place and learn from a different one, one of empowerment.

Special Offer Till September 21 2010

Exclusive For “Soul

Therapy Members”

– That’s YOU!

Special Offer…..

Two and a Half Hour Private Session With A 30 Minute Consultation: By Phone Or In Person

Taking a deeper look into why you are not creating what
you want to manifest/create in your life. Professionally, emotionally,
intellectually, physically and spirituality.

Understanding the core issues which have created self defeating behaviors in life, relationships and situations that limit your
creativity and productivity.

Setting up a three step course of action that
can create lasting and beneficial change once implemented and
consistently acted upon. Thers is a follow up to continue the
work once the session is completed and a take home CD.

Realizing what is holding you back from your
greatness. Recognizing where the block are and showing
you a step by step your blueprint to heal.*Very powerful process.

Providing you with a technique that can stop
anxiety, depression, high stress and worry. This must be done
for 21 days to have the greatest impact in your life.

Deep healing CD that you get to take home with you or sent to
you via email that will balance you and bring peace of mind, releasing
any overwhelm or stagnant energies.

Understanding your core belief about money, relationships, family
life and how to get rid once and for all your limiting beliefs
that no longer serve you!

Digitally recorded MP3 file

All sessions are fully recorded on a digital recorder for an instant
download via email as an MP3 file so you may listen to it at any

Follow up to your Session

You will receive a follow up call to your session to have additional
support and guidance as you implement all that you learned and
discovered about yourself and your situation.

Ongoing support through a monthly tele-series dedicated
toward personal empowerment, inner peace and balance, prosperity
tips for a successful lifestyle, includes a guest speaker. Valid
for 3 months! ($297 Value!)

Book Online Now: Only if you are feeling stuck in your

Finances: You feel you don’t have enough, paying off debt, scrambling to get more to pay bills,
don’t have extra $ for vacationing for the kids or yourself?

Emotionally: Not honoring or loving yourself, emotionally unavailable, insecure, self-worth issues,regrets, shame, hurt and an inability to show love openly to your children, family and/or friends

Intellectually: Worried, stressed, feeling depressed or have anxiety

drained or lack energy, not feeling motivated, indigestion problems, overweight or suffering from any physical ailment or disease (the physical is a manifestation of emotional blocks & issues; we get to the core of why you
are suffering)

Spirituality: Feeling disconnected from your Source, distant & not grounded, covering up old wounds, disassociated and lack of ability to listen to your intuition.

Current Fee’s For StarPower* Coaching: $1200.00
For Professional Industry & Corporations

$500.00 Individuals & Solo-Entrepreneurs

Soul Therapy Members $350.00

Purchase Before September 21st, Book Up To December 21 2010

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