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Spiritually Engage Yourself By Speaking Your Truth

Your Energy Field Will Come Alive When Openly Communicating What happens when you open up your throat chakra and begin to speak your truth to your family, friends and clients? You begin a new relationship that was siphoned off during childhood, through the inertia of lack of effective and honest communication. Most people don’t realize [...]

“Awakening To Your Divine Self” CD

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Awakening to your Divine Self  is a 60 minute Meditation that clears blocks and releases any unwanted energies that have accumulated, for many, that has been lifetimes.  I listened to the words that were spoken during the meditation and fell into a deep sleep only to awaken refreshed and feeling renewed. Awakening to your Divine Self can happen at any moment, any where, I invite you to listen to this CD that was created for you.

Listen to the Meditation lying down, eyes closed and with no interruptions. If you fall asleep, you will still be receiving the energies and healing as the vibration happens on a cellular level.

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