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Diamond Body 9 Step Alignment Technique

The StarPower* System – 9 Proven Steps To A StarPower* Diamond Body

9 CD’s to guide you into exploring the 9 Steps that bring about the Diamond Body with the StarPower* System.

What is the Diamond Body? Inside of every person is a Divine Self that is waiting to awaken, I call it the Diamond Body, the perfect image of who you are meant to be, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. The Diamond Body fine tunes these areas of your life so you can SHINE within yourself feeling confident, have an honest dialogue with yourself and others who you have a strong connection to. The Diamond Body shows you HOW to perfect your inner calling and align yourself to your truth, even if you have no idea what that might be right now, it comes effortlessly through the technique, it’s designed that way.

The 9 Month Program is a one on one mentoring with Deborah Skye taking your unique gifts to the world, which is the full program. This 9 Step Alignment Technique gives you the tools to bring yourself to an honest, loving place where you can see where your Diamond Body Shine!

Instant Download of all MP3 Set Available April 2011

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