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StarPower* System 11 Step Alignment Technique

The StarPower* 11 Step Alignment Technique – A Spiritual Guide To Creating The Life Of Your Dreams

The 11 Key Alignment Techniques bring to you a structure to use in your daily and weekly routine or ritual. Combined with a deep meditation facilitating change and an internal shift awakening your consciousness to your personal relationship to your spiritual purpose thereby showing you the connection to your primary relationships and with the Earth and Cosmos.

Included in the 11 Step Alignment Technique is a Blueprint in Creating The Life of Your Dreams…with a scientific formula that produces results when used in accordance with the given technique. Align with your blueprint and bring to the forefront a foundation build upon a reality created by you, for you, to prosper in life.

Product Available April 2011

StarPower* Round Table

The StarPower* Round Table Membership- An Exclusive Club For Women Only

The StarPower* Round Table is an exclusive to all StarPower* Inner Circle Members who want to develop monthly a round table mastermind group to excel in your personal and professional relationships, your most intimate relationships and for your spiritual connectivity.
In the StarPower* Round Table Membership, you will meet with Female Empowerment Leaders in all sectors of health, wealth and spiritual wisdom. Deborah Skye will be your guide, your mentor and your personal business coach while you are a member of the Round Table. Here you get to Master Mind and realize the potential in your business, relationships, JV Partnerships and Media opportunities.
To join, we ask you to fill out an application prior to your commitment, understanding fully who, what and why we have this exclusive club dedicated to nurture, support and open up the Round Table to Female Empowerment Leaders.

The Round Table is open to all Members to Apply contact Deborah Skye directly
Monthly Round Table Membership is Monthly

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