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Daily 3 Step StarPower* Alignment Technique

Daily 3 Step StarPower* Alignment Technique

The StarPower* Daily Alignment Technique gives you the simple tools to connect with your inner core, align within and be grounded and purposeful in what you are creating. Daily focus allows you to merge with the laws of the Universe to create with the 5 Elements, giving you the quality of presence that so many seek.

Available for purchase March 2011

StarPower* Daily Connections & Affirmations CD

The StarPower* System Daily Connections & Affirmations

We each carry the potential to be abundant, creative and exceptional in a chosen path, most people are unaware of what that feels like, looks like and how it may manifest for them. The Daily Connections & Affirmations was created with the specific intention to bring clarity, understanding and a deep trust within to build a platform based on ones personal truth. By working daily with the Connections & Affirmations, you begin to have a relationship with your energy field and having a clear understanding of where your boundaries begin and where you can increase them, thereby promoting a healthy relationship with yourself and with others.

Product Available March 2011

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