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Awakening As One Trilogy

earthface400 300x198 Awakening As One Trilogy We are all aware of the profound shifts that are taking place locally and globally, our food resources and production of how we feed humanities peoples worldwide is causing our Mother Earth’s destruction, and we are being polluted along the way. Today’s new children are more immune to the Earth’s biosphere and the heavy chemicals, yet parents are dealing with new challenges, Autism, ADD, ADHD, mass depression and the drugging by Big Pharm.

Everyone has choice in any given situation, everyone. If you are a parent, it is up to you to be sensitive and supportive of your child’s needs, if you have aging parents, or grandparents, please take the time to understand that they need your help and support to live a quality of life that you strive to achieve for yourself. No one should be left behind, and most importantly our Planet Earth should be placed on a daily basis as the #1 provider and source for our existence and experiences, to not be grateful, give thanks and to remind yourself that the Sun and Earth itself breathes so you may live, is an act of unconsciousness. When more people awaken to the awareness that we all need one another and that we are an extension of our Mother Earth, we can begin to see past our differences, our age old beliefs which no longer work and begin to embrace one another as equals.

This is not a Utopian ideal, it is a reality that already exists within my heart – I want to extend that image to you. This movie along with the one link below will give you enough information to remember why you must live in balance.



Please take the time to watch these beautiful pieces from documentaries put together to share a story of our Earth and it’s peoples.

Leave your comments below , thank you!

The current ‘Shift’ that we are all going through on Planet Earth is also a reflection of what is taking place in the Universe, the Cosmos are also expanding and growing and our responsibility is to embrace our truth: to live from the Heart.

All Indigenous Cultures worldwide embrace these Ancient Teachings, I know ask you to join our Ancestors, which their stories are encoded in our DNA and blood, to live the teaching like your life depended on it.

Truthfully, it does.

This link is to the Movie: Home, it is one of THE BEST Documentaries, Movies I have ever seen about our Earth, it really is a homage to her and what she cannot verbalize the director did an incredible job over a 2 year period filming.

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