Archives for September 2010

StarPower* System™ Q & A Tele-Seminar

Title: StarPower* System™ Introduction Location: Internet – Tele-seminar Monday October 4th Link out: Click here Description: StarPower*  System™ is an exploration into our Divine and True Self. There is one particular signature that is your own, I call this StarPower*™ because it is Ancient and Timeless. Tonight you will learn how your live, relationships and [...]

Past Lives-How Do You Know It’s Real?

This Video shares Candice’s Questions and Inquiries into Past Lives: She is about to have her first Session with me and this is our consultation prior to the work itself:

This video shares what has happened since the first Session and answers the question: “Does this really work?” Candice’s life since the first session has radically changed in every single way you can imagine. She is now living in Dubai with her husband and working with Dolphins.

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