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The Living Maya Ancient Wisdom In The Era Of 2012 By Robert Sitler

living maya The Living Maya Ancient Wisdom In The Era Of 2012 By Robert SitlerSoul Therapy Radio I had the opportunity to spend time with Robert and his beautiful wife, June of 30 years in Guatemala and Mexico while on a Sacred Maya Journey with the Maya Conservancy lead by Jim Reed editor of The Institute of Maya Studies Explorer newsletter and one of the Directors of The Maya Conservancy Robert Sitler’s first exposure to the genius of Mayan culture came in the mid-70s while hiking in the rainforests of Chiapas. Since then, he has spent as much time as possible in the Mayan world, visiting regularly among natives from more than a dozen language groups. His long-standing relationships with Maya and their humble wisdom inform and inspire this book. He completed a PhD at the University of Texas – Austin in 1994 with a dissertation on Mayan-related literature under the guidance of Dr. Linda Schele. The author’s personal experiences with Maya have been complemented by formal study of their culture and extensive exploration of their ancient cities. He is a regular participant in professional meetings with Mayan scholars in Guatemala and the United States. Recently he has focused on the significance of year 2012 in the Mayan Long Count and the Mam Mayan community of Todos Santos Cuchumatán. His CV includes numerous academic articles and presentations concerning Mayan culture and the year 2012. In particular, he has worked to include more Mayan perspectives in the discourse concerning the significance of 2012. He travels frequently in Mexico and Guatemalan to learn from elders in various language communities. Robert is currently a professor at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida and serves as Director of its Latin American Studies Program, teaching courses in Spanish, Mayan culture and the Latin American humanities. The diversity and depth of Robert’s immersion in Mayan ways has been informed by study with accomplished teachers in Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and from elsewhere in Native America. He enjoys free diving in local springs, collaborating with local Mexican farmworkers, hatha yoga, bicycling and being able to walk to work.
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StarPower* System™ For Relationships

Title: StarPower* System™ For Relationships Location: Internet – Tele-Series Link out: Click here Description: StarPower* System™ Tele-Seminar  For Relationships StarPower* System™ teaches you the paint by numbers approach to healing in the present. Relationships form the very basis of our existence, our receptivity to love and how we approach the world around us, in safety [...]

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