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Guatemala October 8-23 Tikal 2011

Sacred Journey To Guatemala: Tikal, Yaxha, Uaxatun,
Topoxte, Ixlu, Actun Kan Caves and El Mirador
Our Private Tranquil Ecological Paradise located off the quiet shores of
Lago del Peten Itza in El Remate, Guatemala

We invite you to step out of yourself and enter the Mystical World of Guatemala, in the Peten Region, on Lake Itza. The picture above is our Oasis on the waterfront, Gringo Perdido. This particular journey is met with daily Ceremony at the Temples and Pyramids with local Indigenous Elders and Shamans who will be presenting the Mayan Fire Blessings to our amazing group of women and men. You are invited to participate in an Authentic ritual led by a practicing Healer who is a modern day representative of an age-old line of Spiritual authority.
And you are invited to a Sound Healing Ceremony at Tikal and Yaxha.

For most of our journey we will be enjoying the breathtaking Hotel on Lake Itza, we have our own private getaway 30 minutes from Tikal and the view is spectacular! Each day we will be greeted by an early morning Yoga Session on the Waters Dock, watching the sunrise as the morning birdsong gently moves you into a deepening of connection to the Earth and the Cosmos.

To join our group you MUST be physically, emotionally and spiritually able to embody this journey of the Mayan Lands, Ceremony and 5 Day Jungle Trail to El Mirador, the Birthplace of the Mayan Civilization. Please read below for qualifications to join our group

This program also offers you a spiritual and cultural adventure for Mind, Body and Soul. Each day after your morning swim in Lake Itza, a Yoga Class on the waters edge and a relaxed breakfast, you will visit a different Ancient Mayan sites in the Peten Region. Time is set aside for hiking and your personal exploration and meditation inside each Sacred Site.”

Tikal is one of the most important Ancient City states in the Maya World. It is a Sacred Initiatic Center, corresponding to the 7th Crown Chakra. Not only is it located exactly in the middle of the landmass that forms the pinwheel of the American continents, but Tikal, and the other Mayan cities of the jungles are also built on land that is heavily webbed with crystalline structures. These two factors ensure that the energy that is generated here is incremented and dispersed universally.

Tikal is the Transfer Hub for Atlantean Energy, it’s a Crystal City and a major point in the Crystalline Grid. The energy here is of the Earth. This is the Seating Place for the Councils of Light and home to the Gatekeepers of Time. Covering over 222 square miles, with over 4000 structures, Tikal has the most Elegant Pyramids in the World, some of which are over 200 feet high.

This incredible city, dating from 800 BC to 900 AD is built in the image of
the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters.
” Anne Lossing founder of Ix-Canaan

The Pyramids Ruins on Mars and at Tikal mirror the Pleiades Star System. The Mayan Pyramids of Tikal match the Pyramids on Mars…Coincidence?


*Intinerary For 15 Day Sacred Journey to Guatemala
To Tikal, Yaxha, Uaxatun, Topoxte, Ixlu, Actun Kan Caves and El Mirador*

Each morning you have the opportunity to swim in the Natural Mineral Healing Waters of Lake Itza, practice Yoga on the dock or engage in a Guided Mediation prior to breakfast.”

Guides & Healers

Tata Pedro Cruz K’u’xya’

(Corazon del lago)

Mayan Elder Tata Pedro, Counter of the Days, 2005 World Ambassador of Peace, Head of the Council of Mayan Ancients Atitlan. He has dedicated his life to community service and will be preparing the sacred fire ceremonies for our meetings.

Tata Pedro will be giving a seminar on the Mayan Cosmovision, Natural Medicine and Energetic Equilibrium and doing Ceremony at each Sacred Site.

Danilo Rodriguez – Black Jaguar

The Black Jaguar will be our Guide at all Sacred Sites, explaining the importance of the seven temples at Tikal and many other sites and how they align with the solstices exactly (It is actually a sun dial, in large format!). The Pleaidian Cycle will be discussed in great detail along with each Temple and Pyramid and how it’s Celestial Alignment was deeply ingrained within the Mayan Culture.




Pablo Collado

Pablo began his studies of flute at 8 years of age, and at 11, his father, Santiago Collado, taught him his first knowledge of acoustic guitar. At 12 years, he began composing music and performing concerts by guitar.

Pablo now has his own recording studio in Belize, and performs concerts in Guatemala and Belize.

Dona Maria Sandoval Healer & Midwife
Do?a Maria Sandoval is a well respected local Cuarandera (Healer) and Comodrona (Midwife). She has practiced herbal medicine all her life, having learned from her mother and her aunts who were also Cuaranderas

15 Day Schedule 2011

October 8th: Arrival in Flores, Shuttle to Hotel – Daytime swimming in Lake Itza and Evening Group Meditation and Blessings to our arrival.

October 9th: Leave after breakfast for Uaxactun. Mayan Fire Ceremony, lunch at La Chiclera in Uaxactun and guided tour of Uaxactun.
* Evening Talk: Ancient Cultures: Our Past & Future, How They Are Merging As One.

October 10th: Leave early for Topoxte. Boat across the lake to do a Fire Ceremony in the site. Boat back to Yaxha hotel for lunch, then to a guided tour of Yaxha full day of Ceremony at Yaxha with Indigenous Community to Ignite the 10-10-10. Dinner by the water.
* Evening Talk: Sacred Contracts: Understanding Our True Self

October 11th: Ixlu Archeological site, Mayan Fire Ceremony. Off to the local Nutri-Naturales facility where we can eat a lunch based mostly on ramon in its various forms, understanding the value of the jungle through it’s abundance of foods and offerings.
*Evening Talk: 2012, the Transformation.

October 12th: Day with Do?a Maria, local midwife and curandera, herb walk in the morning, a tipico lunch in her kitchen, practical examples of Mayan Medicine in the afternoon.
*Evening Talk: Understanding Mayan Cosmology and Sacred Ceremony. Group Meditation.

October 13th: Tour of Project Ix-canaan and lunch at the Ix-canaan women’s center. Garden tour and group participation with the local women. A presentation of dance and music and drama by the Ix-canaan Women’s Group. Dinner by the water. Evening preparation for El Mirador Journey. Group Mediation.

The next 5 Days are dedicated to El Mirador a Sacred Journey into the Center of Mayan Civilization. We will be camping and have guides who take care of food and tending to the details. Bring a small backpack with you and a sleeping bag fit for the jungle. Citronella and pepermint oil for mosquito’s. Everything else will be provided. This is the most remote Mayan site and the largest! it is an incredible opportunity to participate in this journey into El Mirador.

October 14th-18th : We will be gifted with two of the Best Archeologist in the region as we make our way Into El Mirador – Roxy Ortiz was born in Guatemala City in 1960, and spent her first 12 years in the Tropical Rainforest in Peten, having the chance to fall in love with the exciting wild life. At the early age of 9 years, had her first trip to Tikal, and it was then when she decided that she wanted to study Archeology since she considered fascinating and intriguing to find out the reason why such a magnificent civilization disappeared. In 1989 when the Mayan Biosphere was established, she worked with CONAP (National Council for Protected Areas) in the rehabilitation and reintroduction of wild animals that were confiscated from poachers.

Besides her natural passion for animals, this experience provided her with enough elements to get acquainted with the nature of many species in the wild life of Peten, and therefore understanding their natural behavior. Today, Roxy is able to wander in the jungle, knowing what behaviors are safe (for humans) around most species of wild animals. From 1996 to 1997 she worked in Colonial Archeology in the Archeological Project of SANTO DOMINGO. In September 1997 she discovered the Santo Domingo’s crypt that has mural paintings and embossed friezes.

From 2004 to 2007 she worked for the San Bartolo Regional Archeological Project (at approximately 97 Kms. northeast from Tikal. This site is highly important in the Mayan history because it has the earliest mural paintings known at the moment in the Mayan world as well as the earliest writing, dating 150 Year B.C.which proves that it have started in Guatemala. Before this mural paintings, it was believed that such writings dated from year 37 B.C. and started in Mexico.
Besides, her experience in Tourism for over 32 years include Archeological and Natural History Tours to the sites of TIKAL, CEIBAL, DOS PILAS, AGUATECA, UAXACTUN, YAXHA, NAKUM, and COPAN. At the moment one of her main passions is the wild life in Peten followed by the identification of Medicinal Plants in the Tropical Rainforest of Peten.
El Mirador Journey into El Mirador, hike, camp, explore, ignite, sacred ceremoy, ancient ruins and El Mirador herself.

October 19th: A day to rest and recover at the hotel-swim, relax in a hammock, mediate and evening Dinner Ceremony.

October 20th: Actun Kan Caves in the morning for a Mayan Fire Ceremony, followed by a tour of the caves where we will be toning. Lunch in Flores followed by an afternoon of roaming the colorful city.

October 21st: Volunteer Day: We will be divided into “teaching teams”. Each team will be assigned a group of children from a local classroom, and develop a class to teach to that class. Age ranges vary from pre-schoolers to high school age children. Lunch in town and an afterooon of relaxation in El Remate. Dinner and
Evening Talk: Tikal, the Pleiades and Mars Connection

October 22nd: Full Moon In Tikal day of Ceremony with Indigenous Community & Guides.

October 23rd: Full day of Ceremony at Yaxha, lunch at the Hotel Yaxha, climb to the top of the Pyramid to watch the Sunset. Farewell Dinner of Singing, Dancing & Playing!

October 24th: Early morning breakfast then off to the airport to return home.

This Intinerary is subject to change due to weather.
We will continue to add information on Guides and Shamans as it comes in.

Pay in Full October 8-23 2011 15 Days



Deposit To Hold Your Reservation

You will be sent out a registration form with information for flight and accomodations. Please read carefully what this Sacred Journey is about.


El Mirador Trail is recommended to hikers in good physical condition, prepared to cope with long hikes and rugged terrain. Virtually every day in the expedition is spent walking or riding horses. Seven hour treks are not uncommon. There are mosquito’s and other insects. If you are uncomfortable with insects, this journey is not for you.

Hero Twins, – Hunahpu and Xbanlanque –
“The Creation Story of The Popol Vuh”
El Mirador

Idaho State University anthropologist Richard Hansen shows a 2,300-year-old
stucco frieze found at the El Mirador archaeological site in northern Guatemala.

This trail explores the lost Pre Classic Maya site of El Mirador. Legend has it that at its height, El Mirador was four times as grandiose as Tikal.This impressive site remains one of the most isolated and understudied of the great Maya ruins. Although largely unexcavated, these ruins are still predominantly intact, protected by a dense jungle canopy which covers and protects them from erosion. The most impressive structure in the complex is the Tigre Pyramid, which stands at an unprecedented height of 18 stories high, the highest pyramid yet discovered in the Maya world, with a base the size of three football fields.

Come and explore one of the greatest legacies left by the Maya Civilization, El Mirador.A once mighty metropolis, buried and forgotten for nearly two millennia. The city first constructed by the Maya with the largest concentration of civic and religious buildings ever recorded in Maya lands. It served as the great metropolis of northern Guatemala and southern Mexico, where hundreds of other, smaller Maya ruins lie in the jungle.
Probes have shown that below their covering, the ancient buildings are in a remarkable state of preservation.
These findings have challenged long held views.

EL MIRADOR rose more than a century before Christ, it declined, for unknown reasons, about A. D, 150. Their achievements in astronomy allowed them to count millions of years into the past or the future; they devised ancient America’s most sophisticated writing system; their mathematics employed the zero notation.

Not included in the retreat package pricing:

Round-trip airfare from your town to Flores, Guatemala

Airport departure tax

Tipping-budget $100 for tipping guides, drivers and healers

Optional healing services during stay

Bottled water each day $15-20 total

Extra Dinners or Lunches while traveling

There are local restaurants in El Ramate Village that you may desire to go out for dinner away from the hotel, if so, please be advised to bring money with you for these extra outings.

What You Need To Know: Buy Travel Insurance, bring a small backpack for the trip into El Mirador.
No Perfumes, or Colognes, all deodorant and toothpaste must be 100% Organic and Natural.
No smoking or drinking on the days we are doing ceremony.
If you smoke, you might want to rethink this journey as no toxins are permitted:)
We are going into the Jungle and do not want to leave any trace of our being there.
We will be walking into an extremely sacred space and inhabited by Mayans villages, the animals and the Elders. Respect in thought, in deed, in words and actions.

You can bring ceremonial offerings such as crystals, feathers, organic tobacco, copal, sage, etc.

If you would like to bring 1-2 items to donate to the women’s collective and to the children’s school that is welcomed by Ix-canaan. We can provide you with a list of donations needed if you so choose to offer something. Please bring a flashlight with you.

Other things you will need to bring with you:
Shopping money for crafts, clothes and souvenirs. Attention shoppers: Flores has markets filled with tempting goods.
We recommend that you bring extra cash in US dollars.
Extra money to offer to any of the Guides and Shamans.

Lake Peten Itza

This lake is also a wildlife paradise, with more than 100 important indigenous species such as the red snook fish, crocodiles, jaguars, Pumas, White-tailed deer, red brocket, and several bird species, including parrots, toucans, and macaws. On its northeast shore is the Cerro Cahui Protected Biotope, a natural reserve for butterflies is a 1,600-acre (6.5 km2) reserve is home to toucans, spider monkeys, howler monkeys, and many other rain forest species.

Soul Therapy Coach

Deborah Skye is an International Soul Therapy Coach, Trainer & Speaker. Skye focuses on where you currently are, your present life circumstances and your communicates directly with your Souls Blueprint, then shares the solutions to your current discomfort, anxiety, depression, disconnect with your true purpose and then creates a result based program that is unique to you and your life purpose. They are usually for 3-6 months and most people continue on after the 6 month mark for their final phase into the year long program for the ultimate life transformation into a Divinity Matrix Mastermind Group.

“Your personal relationship to Source, Creation, God, allows you to feel the connection to all other living things, it brings a place of certainty and deep knowing that you are safe, cared for and nurtured. It today’s society most people are disconnected from the world around them, mostly them selves.”

How Can Soul Therapy Coaching Help Me?

Boundaries is a subject most people have no clue about, what it is and why do we all need to have healthy boundaries, with  our selves.

Healthy boundaries created, the ability to manifest, focus and understand who you are, why are here and what you are to do to be kin alignment to your souls purpose creates a response  from your heart, the place of all truth.

For twenty years, Deborah Skye has received powerful insight into the human experienced, she has created programs based on personal empowerment, transformation and healing. For the last five years she has researched how past lives interact and participate in one’s current traumas and dis-eases. Skye has recorded two hundred case studies to find an underlying pattern that symbolizes a scientific pattern that is relative to string theory and quantum fields exploring parallel and simultaneous realities.

How to let go of anxiety, stress, depression and  actualize my dreams?

Why do I hold onto emotions that are not healthy for me or for others? How do I let go…?
Why do I choose situations that don’t bring me happiness? How do I release the past…?
Why do I continue to be in a relationship that does not support my own beliefs about family, money, personal values and goals? How do I trust myself…?
Why do I always worry? How do I let go….?
Why do I fish around for money and never feel truly secure? How do I feel secure…?
Why do I need to feel approval from co- workers, family members and friends? How do I feel loved…?
Why do I never feel good enough even when others regard my work as valuable? How do I gain confidence…?
Why do I constantly think abusive thoughts about myself and judge others? How do I love myself…?
Why do I feel jealous of others when they have success? How do I feel confident…?
Why Am I always searching for something new to find happiness? How do I find security within…?
Why do I spend more money that I actually have? How do I respect myself…?
Why do I feel overweight and lack physical energy to do the things I’d Iike to do? How do I nurture myself…?
Why is it hard to find something to be passionate about to get me excited and jump out of bed first thing in the morning? How do I find my passion…?
Why don’t I have certainty in my life? How do I feel certain…?
Why do I feel scared, lonely, stressed and have anxiety? How do I love myself…?

YOU will be empowered, YOU will find the solutions, YOU will be clear in knowing EXACTLY what your purposed is and HOW to actualize it no mater what your current life circumstances are- be it financially, emotionally, mentally or physically.
YOU will be given the exact tools to help you realize why you are experiencing doubt, fear, insecurity, emotionally drained or are financially in debt. Isn’t it time you took a real close look into your Soul’s Blueprint and discovered what has always been waiting for you to show up.


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