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Mayan Calendar December 21, 2012

This mornings speakers were encapsulated in a vibrant energy, a group of Mayan Scholars, Cosmologist and Spiritual Guides from the Mayan Council (which they prefer to be called, rather than Elders or Shamans), congregated in an old Nunnery that looks like it is ready for demolition.

Walking into the main entrance the open aired room is bustling with anticipation and excitement for what is about to unfold. Here we are for the first time, 13 Mayan Spritiual Guides13 Quiche and Cakchiquel Maya “Day Keepers”coming together with the Mayan Community from the North; representives such as Jim Reed from The Maya Conservancy, John Major Jenkins, author of The Story of 2012, Garth Norman, Izapa Expert on The Cosmology, Gaspar Pedro Gonzales author of 13 Baktun and Robert Sitler and  many others I will introduce you to as we move through the days.

What transpired in the next 7 days has forever transformed my life, you can go here to see video footage of what transpired and photo’s of our group.


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Phone Reading-Soul Healing
~Clearing-Healing On All Levels~

Very Powerful – Deborah Skye speaks directly with your guides and ancestors to heal
and clear any obstructions that are taking place in the present.
Multi-Level-Dimensional Clearing Takes Place

We are so much more than we realize. Our inherent gifts are manifest when we are children. For most, it is lost or left behind before the age of 7, then societies laws and rules take over. Each person has a memory of
what they were born for, why they are here and how to fulfill their life’s purpose.

Each month, try to dedicate one day to yourself where you can be at peace, one with yourself with no interruptions from the outside world. Make it a day where you go to the spa, read a book, go for a latte or sit back and listen to a nice meditative CD or go see a play. Best of all receive healing physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Each person needs a little bit of time on their own to get back to their center.

In a world where everything is speeding up, it is necessary to remind yourself to slow down, love and nurture yourself and be kind and gentle to your self, as you are having a human experience as a spiritual being.
At times it can be scary, lonely, and stressful.

I look forward to meeting you.

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